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Energy is typically the most carbon-intensive part of a company's operations. We help organizations meet sustainability and environmental goals with energy that is generated from up to 100% renewable sources at prices that are competitive with conventional fossil fuel sources - a 360 win.

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Reduce Scope 2 Emissions with Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are the legal/accounting instruments used in renewable electricity generation that allow producers and end-users to sell, buy and track electricity generated from renewable sources, whether that renewable electricity is installed on the organization’s facility or purchased from an off-site location. RECs are certificates that are issued when one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity is generated and delivered to the electricity grid from a renewable energy resource. RECs can be “unbundled” from the underlying electricity and can only be retired once, giving credit to the end user that retired the REC. RECs act like renewable energy currency and can be traded.

Why choose RECs for your renewable energy needs?

  • RECs Represent the easiest, most cost effective way to “go green”. RECs ensure that renewable energy is added to the electricity grid and your business can claim the associated carbon offsetting attributes against traditional energy generation sources.
  • Certain geographic locations (northern climates) are not conducive to on-site or nearby renewable energy generation and RECs allow offsetting credits to be applied against conventional energy generation sources.
  • RECs allow businesses to avoid the high capital outlay and ongoing maintenance of building onsite renewable generation. RECs typically add 5% – 10% to overall energy spend vs. outlaying millions of dollars in upfront capital for on-site renewable energy generation that may not be reliable or efficient and come with decades-long payback periods.
  • RECs allow businesses to easily and effectively reduce emissions, meet compliance requirements, support sustainability goals and demonstrate environmental stewardship.

RECs represent the attribute of energy produced from a renewable energy facility and are used like a “green” currency in the marketplace



As the adoption rate of renewables accelerates, pricing will continue to fall and will be less likely to fluctuate than conventional fossil fuel energy sources.


Climate Leadership

Renewable electricity generation continues to see accelerated growth and adoption throughout the United States. 17.1 Gigawatts of new wind capacity came online in 2021 alone according to the Energy Information Administration.



Businesses are strengthening their commitment to sustainable best practices and environmental leadership. As ESG standards become more prevalent throughout industry, businesses are becoming more interested in switching to renewable energy sources or credits to meet carbon cutting goals.

Managed REC Accounts

Peak 5 offers customers professionally managed REC accounts to track and trace energy consumption and offsetting RECs. Peak 5 Energy procures and retires the necessary RECs on behalf of our customers to offset up to 100% of their Scope 2 emissions.

GreenTrace System

  • Peak 5 Advisors’ proprietary REC tracking and reporting system for on-demand visibility and insight.
  • Allows tracking of energy usage and REC retirements by site.
  • Turn-key system for companies with one or multiple locations in regulated or deregulated energy markets seeking a comprehensive solution to help meet Scope 2 emission sustainability goals.

Renewable Flex

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
This solution provides businesses with a simple, cost effective, renewable option with the following features:

  • Renewable Energy Certificates from a solar, wind, hydro or geothermal source
  • Customizable Term Length
  • Any Fixed Load Percentage
  • Simple Participation
  • Standard Contract
  • Price Certainty

Renewable Choice

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from a named renewable source
This solution provides businesses with a named renewable resource and flexible contract options, with the following features:

  • Renewable Energy Certificates from a specific solar, wind, hydro or geothermal source
  • Customizable Term Length
  • Any Fixed Load Percentage
  • Standard Contract
  • Price Certainty

Renewable Complete

Solutions that leverage traditional supply contracts to firm, shape and deliver physical PPAs
This solution provides businesses with significant loads the opportunity to access power from a specific source through a retail contract with the following features:

  • Power and Renewable Energy Credits from a specific renewable project
  • Standard Contract
  • Firming and shaping contract for price and volume certainty

Renewable Pro

Long term on- or off-site renewable development through dedicated PPA/VPPA projects
This solution provides businesses with energy-intensive operations the ability to meet significant sustainability targets through:

  • Renewable Energy Credits from a specific utility-scale Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) project
  • Power from a specific utility-scale project under a unit contingent Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA)
  • “Additionality” credit from sponsoring a new renewable project
  • Long term commitment of 10+ years
  • No interference with existing power agreement since no physical power is delivered

Find out how we can help your company meet its sustainability goals.

  • Energy contract and bill analysis
  • Formulate energy plan
  • Competitive bidding process
  • Cost savings analysis
  • Contract negotiation
  • Help meet sustainability goals at best market pricing and terms available