Save 50% or more on energy costs by upgrading to LED Lighting

Energy efficient lighting is often the best and fastest course of action to secure efficiency gains and improve light quality at the same time. Many of our clients are seeing their electric bill drop over 50%. Let us help your organization start operating at peak efficiency today.

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Why now is the most opportune time to upgrade to LED’s

  • Rebates cover up to 55% of the cost of upgrading.

    Your local utility has recently increased the rebate amount for upgrading your current lighting fixtures to LEDs. Each light you purchases, whether it’s an LED Flat Panel or LED Highbay, entitles you to a significant rebate from your local utility. Peak 5 Energy partners with your local utility to apply for and acquire a rebate check for your company. Rebates typically range from 22% to 55% of your LED lighting fixtures cost.

  • LEDs pay for themselves within 6 to 36 months.

    LED bulbs are more than 50% more efficient than incandescent, fluorescent or halogen options. LED efficiency results in a lower electric bill. Your company can potentially cut your electric bill in half. On average, our clients save enough on their electricity bill to cover the costs of upgrading to new LEDs within 6 months to 3 years.

  • Write-off the entire cost of upgrading in year 1.

    The government’s newly released Bonus Depreciation Tax Plan incentivizes businesses to spend money on energy efficient LED Lighting. Peak 5 Energy specializes in LED tax strategies. We can help you depreciate/write-off the entire cost of your LED upgrade in Year 1, rather than depreciating the lights over a 5-10 year period. Our LED Tax Advisory services will save you significant dollars on your year-end tax return.

Upgrading to LEDs can save your organization 50% or more on lighting costs.


Our Simple, Turn-key Process for LED Lighting Upgrades

  • 1. Initial Savings Analysis
  • 2. Product Procurement
  • 3. Lighting Upgrade Management
  • 4. Full-Service Installation
  • 5. Applying for Rebates
  • 6. Disposal of your Old Fixtures
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Benefits to switching to LED lighting include:

  • More efficient lighting can yield significant savings in energy costs
  • Modern LED lighting can have a typical lamp life more than 8x that of older technologies, reducing maintenance costs
  • The longer life of LED lights can improve reliability, enhancing safety and productivity
  • Improve power quality to reduce electrical equipment failure
  • The right levels of light can positively affect the performance of workers
  • Switching to low energy light bulbs is one of the easiest ways to reduce carbon emissions

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Case Study: Return on Investment

Below is an example of savings our typical client will see from switching from old inefficient lighting technologies to new high-efficiency LED Lighting.

DetailsOld BulbsPeak 5 LED Upgrade
Number of Lamps125125
Lamp Type400W Highbay150W LED Highbay
Lamp Cost$47$175
Annual Maintenance Cost$2,814$0
Annual Operating Hours (11 hours/day)4,0154,015
Electricity Cost (kWH)$0.11$0.11
Annual Electricity Cost + Maintenance$24,897$8,281
LED Upgrade Cost
$175/Lamp X 125 Lamps = $21,875 | Installation: $15,000 | 21,875 + 15,000 = $36,875
Utility Rebate (@ 28% of cost)$0$6,125
Cost of LED’s (Initial Cost minus Rebates)
$36,875 - $6,125 = $30,750
Annual Savings
Return on Investment (ROI)
22 Months
LED Lighting Upgrade 10 Year Savings:

How much can we save your organization on energy costs?

Fill out the form to get a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation of how we can help your company, including an estimate of your energy savings and your eligibility for incentives. LEDs drop the cost of lighting by over 50% – find out how much you can save today.

  • Initial Savings Analysis
  • Product Procurement
  • Lighting Upgrade Management
  • Full-Service Installation
  • Applying for Rebates
  • Disposal of your Old Fixtures